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expect in a hurricane. the wind is the story here tonight. the winds have been very strong blowing the trees in the air. the wind is causing power outages we understand all over northern virginia. at last check dominion virginia power showed more than 138,000 customers without electricity and we bumped into some people. there have been a few stragglers like these guys walking down the street. you guys just out looking for hurricane stories? there have been a few curiosity seekers, some people taking pictures. we talked to one of them earlier tonight. he was out walking his dog brad dana and his dog ollie. take a listen to this conversation we had. do you go out in hurricanes often? >> this is his first hurricane, but he still needs to go out. live just a couple blocks up
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the road and we wanted to see what the weather was looking like. like i said, he still needs to go. >> reporter: are you just curious about the hurricane? >> i used to live in massachusetts and i was up there for the big storm halloween last year. bad weather is something i'm used to. i've never been through what they predicted this kind of frankenstorm to be and i was interested how high the water would get. >> reporter: it hasn't gotten that high. >> lost power two or three minutes earlier but came back on. i'm more worried about my friends in new york. >> reporter: we all are concerned about what's going on in new york city. it seems as if they're getting much of the brunt of the storm and we're not feeling the full wrath of sandy here in old town alexandria. we will keep you posted on any developments. let's check in now with rushern baker to get the very latest on prince george's county. thanks for joining us. what's the latest word about what you guys are hearing going on in your county?
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>> thank you very much for having me. we have 10 road closings in the county now. we'll post those road closings on our website so that people can be updated. >> let me ask you quick you guys got affected by some of this tonight. you lost power with your website or communications tonight? >> right, we did. we had our i.t. folks back at the largo center where our i.t. office is. so they went back over there and were able to get power restored. >> that is good news. let me ask you about the damage around town. we understand there were tree branches down onto houses, a ceiling collapsed at a home we understand in upper marlboro. what's the latest you have on the damage in the county? >> so far the damage has been pretty minor. we've got about 8,500 homes that are without power. we have some individuals that are using our shelter.
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so we've got about 36 residents that are using the shelter tonight and so the damage right now is minor, but we're trying to make sure that folks understand this is very serious. we have are asking people to stay off the -- we are asking people to stay off the roads. i just came from the county administration building where our 311 center is. i was pleased to see a number of people heeded the warnings and stayed it off the road, but so far it's been minor. the roughest part is coming up. >> let me ask you about the shelter. where is that located if people are watching tonight or concerned about the roughest part as you just alluded to? where can they head to find shelter? >> there are three open shelters. one is at charles herbert flowers high school in springdale. the other one is in the southern part of the county is at gwynn park high school in brandywine and then the university of maryland richie
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coliseum is the third shelter and the shelter, there is the one and i believe it's the one at richie coliseum you can bring your pets. all of them -- that was one of the question. s we had earlier and -- questions we had earlier today and they all will take pets. >> as people are listening tonight, what's the very latest with the governments and school situation tomorrow in prince george's county? >> the government is closed and schools are closed in the county and the courts are closed. so we want people to stay indoors, stay safe and then that way as we do an assessment in the morning as to where we are, we can get out there and make sure we can get things back and running as quickly as possible. >> we certainly hope everything goes well, no more damage, no more flooding tonight in your
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county. county executive for prince george's county rushern baker, thanks for the update. >> we'll get a this storm is and its headed path right after the break. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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we should have got a wind
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gauge for sherri ly standing along the boardwalk in ocean city. since 5:00 tonight we've been talking to you off and on. it's kind of had peaks and valleys. it sounds like the winds are picking up a little bit right now. >> reporter: i would say we've definitely got to be getting these gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour. i would say this is the worst that we have seen so far since we've been out here today. unfortunately very some bad news to report. a wind gust just came through just a couple minutes ago before we came on the air here, blew open the front door to our hotel room and snapped it right off. so it was quite an experience here. we almost got hit by a light that fell down from the roof of our hotel. the door is now gone. so there is definitely some impact that we're feeling permanently out here in ocean city. all around the city we've seen a lot of flooding as well. we've seen the storm surge
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flooding places along the boardwalk washing over the sand dunes. further north i'm hearing pops and noises out here. i'm not sure if those are things that are flying around which would not be uncommon given the high winds that we have. weave seen boats that have come loose from -- we've seen boats that have come loose from docks, houses with several feet of water surrounding them. we've got the flooding not only from the ocean side, but also from the bay side. i think a lot of people were surprised by how much that water came up on the bay side. power is out on the southern section of the downtown area. that's as a precaution. it was actually turned off earlier in the day. because of the flooding they didn't want to chance any fires that could get started. further north in the fenwick island area we have about 3,000 or more people, customers, without power as well. here we at least are fortunate enough to have some power
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still, but the winds here really the problem we're seeing right now. the storm surge has really gone down here. we're not seeing huge waves that we had seen earlier in the day, but these winds, i mean it is just frigid cold out here. you really have to brace yourself as you're trying to stand out here and that's what we're dealing with right now. it's really just the winds, not that much rain or storm surge. streets are flooded and they're impassable. you can't drive down here in ocean city. the bridges are also closed off, root 50 and root 90. only emergency -- route 50 and route 90, only emergency vehicles allowed there. people all over town hunkered down riding the storm out. we'll have to wait and see in daylight just how severe the damage is, but based on what we've been able to see and reports we've gotten from people, in the southern part of
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the city where there's been a lot of flooding and half the pier is gone, we know the damage will be significant. that's the latest live in ocean city. >> sherri ly tonight. let's talk more about that wind with fox 5 sue palka. there's so many people saying it seemed calm about an hour and a half ago and now these winds are kicking back up and we've heard several people say the worst is yet to come. >> i think what we have seen is gusts peak being out in the last few hours. -- peaking out the last few hours. it's probably a continuation of what we're getting the next few hours. by the nature of a tropical cyclone it's spinning and you're catching gusts. if goes by very quickly and you're in the calm again. that is why on and off and it can be completely calm and as you were listening to sherri ly she could hardly get her words out. felt bad to hear about her motel room door being blown
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off. i want to let you know where our tropical cyclone is now. this is really no longer a tropical system now. it has done the changeover and become more of a winter-like system. it is 10 miles southwest of philadelphia as of the last update the national hurricane center will give to us at 11:00. moving northwest at 18, still packing a punch with 75-mile an hour winds. a bit ago we saw a gust in north philly to 56 miles an hour. it's moving northwest at 18 and on that path it will move up through south central pennsylvania by 8 a.m. as it gets farther north into pennsylvania by tomorrow evening that's really going to help us see our winds relax quite a bit around here and eventually it will move all the way up into new england and potentially canada. sandy is going to be out of here very soon, but we still have some strong winds. we're still getting a gust locally to 47 miles an hour,
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getting a gust in baltimore to 41, dulles still a gust of 53, martinsburg 52. we've got real persistent heavy rains which i'll show you on radar, too. the top of the hour ocean city had a gust to 37. as we're lacking at sherri we can see where she's picking up stronger gusts and very concentrated winds right up here. that is probably the center of circulation in the yellow area where dover air force base is getting a gust to 40. that's actually lighter winds in there, isn't it? i get it now. i was trying to read gary's lips. gary mcgrady joins me now, too. look at the gusts as we go up the coast here, still 75 at newark. still really strong up there. i wonder why they're still getting such a strong wind, i
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guess because of their proximity to the harbor. >> could be a geographical effect coming off the harbor. it could be like you mentioned before. these are not constant. it's just when it's captured at the top of the hour by the weather station and it disseminates that information. >> talking about some of the gusts we've spoke of capturing. i think this was shortly after 10:00, 16-mile an hour gusts at reagan national, at bwi marshall and at newington virginia in fairfax county 63 miles an hour. annapolis had a gust to 69. i know that's probably no surprise. the noise must be crazy. here in the district on the wall 60-mile an hour wind and poplar springs in howard county 61. gary, this band of rain on radar has been real persistent. >> it has been. we continue to keep an eye on it. a couple things we're keeping an eye on. one is the heavy snow continuing back out to the
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west. we can see thunder snow will back out to the west of us. you just extrapolate this and run it around here and back out right around there. so this band of yellows and oranges, it's not all yellow or orange, but weave seen this very constant the -- we've seen this very constant the last hour, hour and a half. that's basically where the storm is pivoting down. one section of the storm is pivoting from the northeast and another part of the storm is pivoting from the southwest. that one line seems to be constant from winchester through parts of northern fauquier county, loudoun county down into fairfax county, prince william county and eventually into charles county. that is where the rain has been falling quite a while and where the rain totals have been piling up as well. the rain in there, 1/2 an inch an hour or so in those yellows
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and oranges. >> we're seeing breaks towards the coast, rehoboth beach, salisbury, ocean city, yes, still wind driven but not so much rain. as we look to our west, we have blizzard warnings for most of our mountain counties above 2,000 feet, a foot of snow and maybe more the higher you go in elevation. we had a terrible pileup. i think i heard about four tractor trailers jackknifing out there along interstate 68. so we know visibility is down and conditions are really rough. >> still thunder snow out there, lightning. >> probably good snow rates. going forward in time let's see where our wind gusts go as we go through the rest of the overnight hours. jumping back to our map, 62- mile an hour gusts projected by our model at midnight, maybe annapolis 64, salisbury 71. this is not what we measured. it is a projection of what might happen. at 2 a.m. still catching a lot of gusts in the mid-50s all around the
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region, maybe hit 63 at salisbury. at 6 a.m. still fairly strong over 50- mile an hour in many areas and by 9 a.m. perhaps we're dropping down closer to the 40-mile an hour gust range. that's definitely still going to rattle those tree limbs, but going through most of the day while it will definitely be a blustery cold day tomorrow, the winds will be a lot better than late tonight and into the overnight hours, just a bit of a breeze for us on halloween morning. wins will definitely be getting better. -- winds will definitely be getting better. look at the snow in the mountains, wow. >> i'm going to zoom out a bit because we've been talking the last several days about how large this storm is. there is the footprint of the storm. if you put the measuring to this right around the center of the storm, all the way down to southwestern sections and western parts of north carolina, that's about 500 miles. if you head from the center of
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the storm back up here to well up into maine, that's about 500 miles. so in all directions this circulation around this storm is right around 500 miles in every direction or basically a diameter of about 1,000 miles. >> some of those outer bands created huge waves on the great lakes. i had an e-mail from a viewer who said there were 20 to 22- foot waves on south lake huron and i know across lake erie a lot of reports of 16 to 18-foot waves on the lake all coming from sandy. >> it's definitely blustery up there as well. you can see now probably the wind is running down almost the entire fetch of lake erie now. >> if that were to shift direction and come from the northwest, they'd be getting a big old snow. hopefully it will just be some cold stuff for them. still have heavy rain around here mostly south and east of d.c. just a quick look at rain
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totals, estimates as seen by our doppler radar in the oranges and reds going back 12 hours or so. we picked up 6 to 10 inches in some of those areas, lesser amounts in green. gary will show you a couple. we've got a 5.1 in charles county, southeastern montgomery county 4.2. up toward baltimore is closing in on 5 inches. >> even montgomery county now, upper montgomery county we're almost getting 5 inches of rain and back out to extreme western sections of loudoun county getting close to 4 inches. so that 4-inch line is still shifting from east to west across the entire region. >> all right. well, a lot to talk about there and as we check out our maps here -- that just got us in closer. there's my pixels from earlier. we'll somehow you temperatures now, 48-degree reading in d.c., 37 in winchester, maybe a little went snow mixing in. we see bright returns on radar, perhaps a bit of sleet here and
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there, 46 in baltimore, 45 toward hagerstown, definitely a chill in the air. expect it to be chilly and breezy on tuesday. we'll keep an eye on everything, have another update shortly. been trying to pull up the weather cams for snowshoe and elkins and wisp in deep creek. you can get deep creek up, but elkins the camera won't even connect. i know they're talking blizzard warnings out there. >> you said once you get up there and the warnings pass it won't be good snow. >> it will be sloppy and wet, but snow's snow if you like that sort of thing, snowboarding. >> i'm going to take exception with that around here, not yet. >> you just drive out there. >> we'll be right back. 
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take you downstairs to scott smith who is doing double duty, not a lot of sport to talk about, so we've got him working in the web center. >> that's right. safety first. as sherri ly has been reporting all night from ocean city devastating wind gusts obviously along that ocean line, flooding as well. we'll show you some of the pictures that have come into our newsroom, these incredible photos. mackey's in ocean city almost looks like an island, a popular restaurant only open may to october, just recently closed for the season. now it's seeing serious damage from the storm sitting there in the middle of what appears to be the ocean. the next one here, this one to give you an idea of how those houses there are doing, this
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picture was taken this afternoon and you can't tell where the water is supposed to end and where it's supposed to start. the land just beginning there. as you can see that, that second house from the right appears to be nearly halfway under water. the third photo, here is the beloved ocean city pier. you can see damage was severe s we should tell you the storm will continue to batter the coastline and cause some problems with the storm surge for at least another high tide cycle, devastating waves there. we'll continue to monitor. we encourage you to send your photos to us, and our fox 5 weather app is huge. in the last 24 hours or so 7,500 new uploads for the fox 5 weather app. behind me this is what you'll see when you download it. you'll have some radar you can follow with the touch of your fingertips. you can follow the storm and see what's the latest with sandy and as you can change
11:54 pm
through different layers, this is the wind gusts here. the red is the high speed, 55 miles per hour wind gust. you can follow that as well. this is just something, another tool for you to have. you can follow it on your own. the easiest way to download is go to the app store or google play store. it's free to download. you can submit photos from the app as well. we encourage you to download that so you can stay informed as well. feel free to send in those photos. we will continue to post them on the air even into tomorrow. back up to you guys. >> scott, thank you. i imagine we'll see more photos coming. in just seeing reports from twitter of people saying they're losing power around tinleytown in northwest d.c. we're hearing report of people in bethesda now losing power all of a sudden. it's starting to pop up all over the region right now. >> the social media world and
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the internet, in situations like this it continues to develop. we've seen this which is reliable reporting. we've also seen pictures of godzilla coming out of the ocean and the stay puff marshmallow man next to the statue of liberty and sharks near water. >> we're doing our best to verify things before we share them with you, but sometimes you just don't know like reports that came in earlier that parts of the new york stock exchange were under water. we later seed a report saying no, it's -- received a report saying no, those aren't true, but those reports came in through reliable sources. >> it's sort of been a tale between the oceans and the mountains, the mountains under blizzard warnings, the association, particularly
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association city, just really ravaged by this -- ocean city, just really ravaged by this storm. we have seen unbelievable pictures all day long, the real deal, flooding at 33rd street coming into the bay, anthony's, 94th street on the bay side flooded up to window level of many houses there. that is the widest, one of the most heavily populated streets in ocean city. you can see here pictures from the boardwalk. that's just in evening. earlier today the boardwalk water all the way up to the shops on the boardwalk. so we know for a fact as far as sheer damage and the value of property loss in our area, ocean city has really suffered the worst in our region and when the sun comes up tomorrow, it's going to be an unbelievable story to tell. we're hoping for the best. we haven't had any reports of injuries or reports of loss of life in ocean city. that's saying an awful lot,
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although sparsely populated this time of year. the people have been able to maintain their safety, although the value of the loss of property is going to be staggering. >> of course, you continue to follow everything right here on fox 5. we will be right back after this short break. s anncr: their ads, hopelessly untrue.
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